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Holistic Summer Course for Children

Monday 2nd July to Friday 6thJuly 18 (inclusive)

10 am till 4pm each day.

Children aged 10 to 16 years.

Maximum of 8 children.

Two fully qualified facilitators with PVG membership for adults and children.

Course includes:

Reiki I attunements and learning,



Auras and energy fields,


The course will include certificates for Reiki I and Participation, Folders, Gratitude Diaries, Pen, and mystery gift.

Contact me for further information.


"Working with Audrey helped me make the changes in my life I really needed to and had put off for too long. Thankyou."

Jane 39

"I managed to rediscover the happy, carefree me from before my disastrous relationship." Anne 51

" My son is now sleeping through the night and no longer has flashbacks. I am so grateful that I once again have a happy, little boy." Meg. 32

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1. What is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a form of trance, not sleep, unconsciousness, magic or mind control.It is very pleasant and relaxing and falls somewhere between being asleep and being awake. 

2. Is Hypnosis safe? 

Yes, it is a safe, natural part of human experience. Always protected by our subconscious, trance is a part of everday life. We are already proficient in its use; we simply do not recognise it. When we stare into a real fire and lose ourselves in a dream like state, that is a form of everyday trance.

3. Who can be hypnotised? 

Anyone who chooses to be and is able to concentrate for the few moments it requires. 

4. What can hypnosis be used for? 

Hypnosis can be implemented in the treatment of: pain, surgery, dentistry, childbirth, cancer and other serious illnesses, women's problems, children's problems, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, allergies, weight reduction, eating disorders, smoking, alcohol abuse, insomnia, anxiety, depression, phobias, self-confidence, stress reduction, learning, sporting performance, age and past life regression, as well as a number of other situations.

5. Should I use hypnosis as an alternative to seeing my doctor? 

No, it is not an alternative to seeking proper medical care. Hypnosis is a complementary therapy and should be used in partnership with conventional medicine. 

6. Can I be forced into a trance? 

No. It is a state of mind that needs your co-operation. No-one goes against their own unique code of behaviour in hypnosis. Many children are exceptionally good at entering trance, but only if they choose. When teenagers are brought for therapy by parents - the practitioner stands little chance unless they make a "contract" with them. A hypnotist will only work with you if you truly want to, it must be your own individual choice.

7. Am I too strong willed to be hypnotized? 

Strength of will plays no part in the process.

8. Am I too intelligent to be hypnotized? 

Wrong - the higher the intelligence and imagination the better.

9. Do hypnotized people lose control of themselves? 

Quite the opposite, the client is in control of their trance and will only do that which seems right and helpful.

10. Will the hypnotist be mysterious and use a swinging watch or other paraphanalia to hypnotize me?

No. A competent hypnotist needs no airs, graces or spookiness. It is highly unlikely that any swinging watches, flashing lights or gimmicky props will be used, nor are weird rituals needed. The hypnotist is likely to be a perfectly normal human being, probably just talking you into a pleasant enjoyable trance.

11. Could I get "stuck" in a trance? 

No. It simply does not happen. Many enjoy being in hypnosis so much they sometimes are reluctant to return to a normal state of awareness, but they will come out of trance as soon as they are ready. Even if they are determined to stay in indefinitely, the hypnotic state turns into ordinary sleep and they shortly awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed.

12. Will I be unconscious when in hypnosis? 

No. No loss of consciousness is involved. In some 90% of hypnotic trances one will be perfectly aware of things around, including sounds, movements and smells and will be hyper sensitive to touch.

13. Will I be in the hypnotist's power?

Certainly Not. Hypnotists cannot force anybody to do anything against their will. You can choose not to comply with any disagreeable suggestion. Many are very much more determind and assertive than in their normal state of being.

14. Will I reveal any secrets? 

No. It is not a truth drug. You choose what to reveal, moreover you can even tell lies in trance.

15. Could the hypnotist take advantage of me in any way? 

No. S/he has no more opportunity to exploit than a hairdresser, plumber or local shopkeeper. But, just as it is important to find a competent hairdresser etc., it is equally important to make sure you have a good and capable hypnotist.

16. How are hypnotists trained?

The training hypnotists receive is varied, depending on which school they attend. Some are only trained in direct suggestion; others have a broader selection of therapeutic techniques. Hypnosis is a very practical skill and cannot be well taught through correspondence courses, of which there are several. To ensure the practitioner of choice has sufficient training, ask them where and how they trained and to see their qualifications.

17. How can I find a good hypnotist?

Personal recommendation is always a good method. You can search the web for hypnotherapy sites, such as, National Register of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, or Hypnotherapy Directory. Don't be afraid to phone and speak to them, even if you ultimately don't make an appointment. Sometimes it is personal choice in who suits you best.

18. Can the hypnotist tell exactly how many appointments I need?

No. A good hypnotist individualises treatment, which is uniquely tailored to your needs. if a practiioner says, "you will need precisely "X" number of sessions", it is not ethical. No-one, no matter how experienced, can truly know.

19. Do I need to book a course of sessions? 

No. Booking and paying for one session at a time has advantages, because if you are not satisfied you are free to finish whenever you please, without financial cost.

20. Is hypnosis a "one shot" treatment?

By no means. On occasions many  do get great benefits from a single session. Everyone is a unique individual and the amount of sessions needed will vary. It will also depend on what issue(s) you want treated.

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