"My son was having nightmares and flashbacks but after a few sessions of hypnotherapy he is now a relaxed, happy, little boy again". Jane 39

"I had to speak before a large group for work and after a few hypnotherapy sessions my nerves mostly disappeared. The speech went really well and I felt truly confident". Graeme 52

"I was smoking 80 cigarettes a day and had been for over 50 years. After one session I was down to 18 cigarettes that week and by session 4 I had kicked it completely and never looked back". Margaret 76

"After just 4 sessions with Audrey I was able to get on a flight for the first time in my life and go to see my brother and his family in Canada. I hadn't seen them for 30 years". Jim 72

" I was ashamed to smile, or open my mouth in public as my teeth were so bad. My real fear of the dentist had stopped me having them treated. I was surprised that a few hypnotherapy sessions got me into the dentist and get them fixed even though I needed quite a few visits to repair the damage". Joe 57


"It wasn't really something men of my age did - talk to someone about your problems! A younger friend encouraged me to go to speak to Audrey and I am pleased that I agreed. As well as letting me pour out my feelings , she gave me some hypnosis as well. I still remember my wife every day but I am now concentrating on the happy times we shared together. I am sure she would approve of what I have done". Len 81 

"After leaving an abusive relationship, I felt unable to face life. After spending some time in therapy talking to Audrey I feel like the old me, but better". Gail 45

"I was becoming more and more isolated due to my panic attacks and anxiety. I had a mix of talking to Audrey and a few hypnosis sessions and am now able to spend time with my friends and family again. I have even  enrolled on a college course. Thank you." Jen 49.

"I found it really comforting to be able to talk to someone about all my problems without feeling judged or worrying about them! Audrey just made it so easy for me to open up and really share". Sue 37 

"I always thought psychotherapy and counselling was for people with no friends. Now I know there are some things it is hard to tell your friends and it is easier to talk to someone who starts of as a stranger. I am so glad I decided to make that call". Bev 64


"I was new to Reiki and didn't really believe it would help, but I was in so much pain all the time I was ready to try anything. During the session it was like I was floating above my body and was completely pain free. At the end I felt lighter in mood and happier than I ever remember feeling before. The pain was there but felt easier. Definitely be having Reiki regularly from now on". Siobhan 28

"My first session of Reiki left me feeling so relaxed and positive I immediately signed up to learn how to do it myself. I have now done both Reiki I and Reiki II and cant believe what a difference it has made to me everyday".  Fiona 50

"After a number of Reiki sessions I was able to stop taking all my pain medication (after consulting my GP) and felt more mobile, more positive, more enthused with life in general. I wish I had known about it years before. I plan to take a Reiki course so I can use it on my self. You are never too old". Anne 73

"I love having Reiki and can't recommend it highly enough. Audrey has a wonderful energy and makes you feel superb".  Emma 22